Tenacious D, “Tenacious D”

Tenacious D is the Greatest Band on the Earth. Really, it is.

If you thought that righteous rock with kick-ass hilarious lyrics about sex, food and satan was gone forever, take heart, for the D is here. This is the first studio recording of this hard-rocking duo made up of Jack Black and Kyle Gass. Both are actors as well as musicians and appeared in a few short episodes of an HBO comedy show called “Mr Show,” while touring and making themselves imfamous across the land.

Jack Black has had small roles in many tv shows and movies but is best known for his scene stealing performance as Barry, the Champion Records clerk in “High Fidelity,” where he shocked the world with his memorable version of “Let’s Get It On.” All of the comic and musical talent he poured into Barry is evident on this cd. Kyle’s good too.

There are many great moments on this cd, but probably the only one that could be made into a single is the mighty “Wonderboy.” It’s an epic ballad of a super-hero, his arch nemesis, Nasty Man, and his ultimate quest to rise above the mucky-muck.

The only bad thing was they didn’t include my favorite D song, “Cosmic Shame,” about the dangers of following your bliss. Oh well, it’s still great.

Go buy it now and get ready to cream your jeans.

–Kim Boston


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