The Attic Crew

Steven Kramer: Wrote his first poem at the age of eighteen shortly after drinking a twelve pack of beer and falling asleep on a large boulder at the edge of a wilderness lake near Speculator, NY.  His work has inspired accolade and dismissal, the most cutting of which, “I know poetry. This is not poetry, it is madness,” became mantra, motto and raison d’etre. He lives in Riverhead, N.Y. with his ever tolerant wife Agnes. E-mail if necessary: steven.p.kramer@gmail.com

Agnes Kramer: A fine poet in her own right, Agnes enjoys reading a mountain range worth of fiction, listening to music and indulging her obsession for fine, fashion forward fabrics.

Kim Boston: Former code jammer extraordinaire.  Who will always get mention on this sorry site for resurrecting this sorry site from the ash heap.  With our best wishes, she’s on an extended sabbatical, rediscovering her painting career.


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