I am going down to critique the ocean…

First of all, let me say that I find your poetry and rhythm quite tantalizing, however, there are a few things I think you should ponder:

I would like to suggest using more CRASHING waves. They are far more exciting than these several lines of mere and humble breakers. Reach! Strive dammit! Be angry!
Consider having more dead stinking things washing up on the sand. Perhaps even a famous model or television personality of some fame and stature.
A higher salinity content would allow even thin people to float easier.
More seaweed!
Is there anything you can do about all of these annoying surfers? A stronger undertow perhaps?
Any chance of having a mermaid fin surf in and land at my feet?
Ever since GPS, we have fewer shipwrecks, I think more rogue waves would solve this increase in safe sailing.
I sense that you feel pissed in and dumped on, perhaps you should seek counseling.
I know fecal bacteria and medical syringe floaters contaminate you, but you are still beautiful twice a day.

Anyway, there’s my dime’s worth. Hang in there. Keep ebbing and cresting. Drop me a line before the next hurricane party.

Your rhythm slave,
Little Stevie Cucamonga


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