Encounters streetwise and karma as commodity…

“Hey man…How you been?
Long time no see!”

Of course,
I had no idea
who the hell this
dude was, but I did know
the path the conversation
would follow next.

“Hey man…I need a
cup of coffee and a
pack of smokes…
you got fifty cents
a dollar?”

“Sure thing man…”
I slipped a dollar from the
dwindling contents of my pocket.

“Thanks man…I’ll see
you ’round…”

“Surely…take it easy.”

Jim drags along a small,
gathering confrontation
as he approaches the truck…

“No thank you!”

“How about a smoke?”

“No thank you!”

The truck door slams…He sits
quietly for a few seconds,
“I’m going to Hell
for sure.”

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms
is karma

I’d hate to see
a friend fry
or be reincarnated
as a tape worm over
one cigarette denied.

Please drop me a postcard
and let me know.

Little Stevie Kramer

Dear Little Stevie,

Sorry, karma is not a
tradable commodity. Your friend
wil indeed become a tape worm
in his next life and you will
be his host. How’s that for a
roundabout boot to the ass?

The Four Corners of the Square

Man…fuck you guys…I’ll
take this matter up with the
catholics. They invented instant
karma for $500 or less and I hear
they need cash for lawyers.


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